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Recycled Polyester

The fabrics made from revolutionary EcoPet yarns are both Green and Blue at the same time.

EcoPet yarns are produced from post consumed PET plastic bottle waste and colored by extraordinary method by using state of art Technology where not even a single drop af water is used.

EcoPet is a way to demonstrates our commitment to protect the environment & conserve the scare water resources. Our product 100% GRS certified. The product range for recycled polyester textured yarn is from 75 to 4000 denier.



EcoPet Plus yarn is most innovative product. It is on one hand produced with Post consumable PET plastic bottles and on other hand biodegradable also.

EcoPet Plus yarn is the certified biodegradable polyester yarn.

The product range for biodegradable polyester textured yarns is from 75 to 4000 denier.

We use the Additive from proven manufacturer who has this patented additive technology, this additive allows polyester (PET) fibers to degrade. With the use of this novel technology, the biodegradation process of PET fibers is accelerated, which in turn contributes to the reduction of plastic waste in landfills and plastic pollution from synthetic microfibers in our oceans. This technology can be used for virgin PET as well as PET.

The long-term tests according to ASTM D5511 and ASTM D6691 in aerobic (seawater) as well as anaerobic environments (sewage sludge and landfill, respectively) show a biodegradation of more than 90% after a short period of time, while a standard PET hardly degrades significantly.