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Our products are highly differentiated and customized that continuously cater to the entire gamut of polyester yarn applications all over the world.

We are the leading yarn supplier to Apparels, Home Furnishing, Automotives, Carpet Applications and others.

Along with maintaining our established domestic market, over 50% of our products are exported every month all over the world especially to the premier markets of Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America South Africa, USA and Turkey.

Our continuous emphasis on delivering yarns of highest quality has established our company as one of the leading exporters in Indonesia that has gained reputation all over the world.

With our ability to make tailor made products, we take pride in continuously developing innovative yarns that allow our customers to redefine and further expand their product base. Our Research and Development team keep themselves abreast of the latest trend in the market and continue to develop high quality low cost polyester yarns that provide better alternative to the finished product involving spun, cotton and nylon etc. of our customers.

We are a very young organization with an enthusiastic zeal of achieving the best in all the aspects of yarn making .With our focus on high quality and high productivity at all times, we keep making giant strides towards becoming the most respected and most admired organization in the world.


  • Speciality Micro Filament yarns
  • Cationic yarns
  • Bright/superbright yarns
  • Dope Dyed Black / Coloured yarns
  • Ready for Dyeing packs on Plastic Perforated Tubes
  • Bishrinkage yarns
  • Recycled yarns
  • Biodegradable yarns
  • Many more