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Lean Six Sigma

We work with lean six sigma (LSS) culture in which the employees work with datas/statistics , use tools to analyse datas and arrive on results, with team work, with proper focus on systems, with high motivation, with positive & open mindedness and no egos .

We work on problems by taking them as small projects with LSS approach of DMAIC ( define, measure, analyse , improve and control ) and the results are stunning.

Lean six sigma is basically a combination of two principles : six sigma + lean process.

By six sigma, we aim (change our mindset)  to achieve accuracies to the level of 99.9997 (3.4 defects per million) . Accuracies to this level will finally result in the best product going to the customer.

By lean thinking, we aim to reduce the waste in the process, reduce the inventories, reduce the cycle time, reduce reworks with minimum resources. We eliminate everything which is not beneficial to the customer .

Combining the above two concepts is the lean six sigma concept ( LSS) which leads to the best optimization in any industry reducing expenses and thereby improving the profits with the best quality going to the customer.

As sigma value increases, costs go down, cycle time goes down and customer delight goes up.

This concept is a top down approach.